What Is High Volatility Slots Meaning? Can You Win Big?

high volatility slots meaning

Even seasoned online casino players are unaware of the high volatility slots meaning. This is because it is one of a slot machine’s many features, and it is arguably the least interesting. It can, however, be highly beneficial in determining what to expect from a slot.

The volatility of a slo where it falls on the Volatility Index (VI)—represents the frequency with which it generates a win and the average amount of those winnings. This is different from the return to player (RTP), which indicates how much a slot pays out on average.

What Is High Volatility Slots Meaning? 

High volatility slots pay out less frequently than low volatility slots. High top rewards and even progressive jackpots are likely to be found on these slot machines. Unfortunately, those potential benefits come with a catch: they don’t come around very often.

In high volatility slots, you won’t get as many lesser rewards because you’re playing for higher prizes. 

You can play for extended periods of time without much happening in the hopes of triggering a bonus feature that would result in a greater payment. As a result, you could have dramatically different results from repeated sessions on the same Judi slot online:

  • No big win, but there are a couple of little ones
  • No small win, but there is one significant victory
  • Several big winnings (if you’re lucky!)

Why Do People Play High Volatility Games?

High volatility slots attract slot players with a gambling mindset since the thrill of hitting a huge win draws them in. They aren’t interested in regular, small payouts.

It goes without saying that if you’re going to play high-volatility slots, you’ll need to be patient. Have enough money in your account or bet a little enough amount on each spin to play for as long as it takes to activate that lucrative bonus feature or land that elusive winning line.

However, except from ratings and recommendations, such as this article, there is no way to determine a slot machine’s volatility. 

The only method to know for sure is to play any slot for a long period and see if it has a low volatility. To avoid risking any money while exploring your options, select the play for free option on slots. Hight volatility can you see and get on this online slots.

Slot Games Lists with High Volatility

If you’re looking for a big win, try high-volatility slots like these, which may be found at several online casinos: Dead or Alive (NetEnt), Raging Rhino (WMS), Bonanza (Big Time Gaming), Extra Chili (Big Time Gaming), White Rabbit Megaways (Big Time Gaming), and Texan Tycoon (Real Time Gaming). 

The Bonus Intensity

Because of their extreme randomness, slot games are among the most popular carriers of bonus features among all casino games. Depending on the game, these additions are usually present in varying degrees of intensity. 

The bigger the amount of bonuses offered, the smaller the chance of winning for gamblers. Bonuses are typically used to boost winnings without requiring players to place any wagers. 

As a result, when a large number of them are in place, punters have a good chance of leaving away with more than they started with. The size of the bonus also influences how frequently it is triggered. For example, a slot with a three-round free spins bonus is more likely to be triggered than one with twenty. Because their sole purpose is to complete winning combinations, basic wilds are the most prevalent of all game awards. Free spins, multipliers, Pick Me offers, and other additional features can also be applied to measure slot volatility. That is high volatility slots meaning.

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