Three Methods Of Betting On Horse Racing

Betting On Horse Racing

Horse Racing – Aside from the actual bet placed on the horse, there are two other important aspects to consider. The first is the method of betting on which horse will eventually come in the win position. There are a multitude of different methods you can choose, each with its own particular advantages.

Even if a method is proven to work, however, that doesn’t mean you will always win. There are still other factors that can upset even the most seasoned of bettors. In this short article, we will discuss the three best methods of betting on horse racing.

Firstly, the most obvious choice is to back a horse to lose. This is the least risky form of betting, because the odds are always against you, and if you back a horse to lose, you are obliged to accept a back risk equal to your odds, which usually amounts to a ruinous loss.

The second method of betting on horse racing which I will discuss presently is to lay a horse to lose. Unlike backing, there is no countervailing chance of winning; if a horse wins, then you lose no matter what. Although this is by far the easiest way to bet on horse racing, it carries the smallest reward payoff.

The third, and the most popular betting method, is to lay a horse to beat. As the name suggests, this involves betting on a horse to beat other horses in a race. In effect, you are requiring the horse to win the race before you win yourself.

Many Other Forms of Betting on Horse Racing

As well as these general bets, there are many other forms of betting on horse racing. The most popular of these is the exacta bet, in which you predict the horses that will finish in the first, second and third positions. Favourable horses carry more value, while the least-favourable horses are least likely to win.

Beyond the precise surfaces, there are many other types of bet on horse racing. These bets are placed on a horse’s last two races: some call these races after those last two wheels, while others call them the “first two” or “second two”.

Betting on a horse to come first, second or third is also a popular bet. Here, instead of predicting a win, you may bet on the likelihood of the horse coming either first, second or third.

As before, there are more kinds of betting on horse racing than just these three. Ways of betting include predicting a win if your horse finishes either first, second or third, or simply guessing whether your horse will be the fastest. When there are specific fancy bets, like theQuinella, you must take your pick among the exacta bets, rather than the other methods.

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Mistakes Will Cause Misfortune

Even with all these types of betting, however, there will always be the pre-eminent way of betting, and that is predicting a win for your horse. This is the betting system that amounts to betting on nothing but the horse’s name.

The idea is simply to guess whether the horse you’ve placed a bet on will definitely win or not. If you’re right, you win the bet. If you’re wrong, you don’t win anything, but you don’t lose either, so you’re not going to lose that much, if at all.

Perhaps the messiest of all betting systems, this system is deliberately created to encourage as many people as possible to place bets on the same horse. But some people, knowing all about the mess, are committed enough to turning the concept into a serious business.

That way, they try to make as much money as possible from the system, without actually betting on the horses. Instead, they use the system to predict, in advance, where the horses will place in any given race.

If it doesn’t turn out to be so, they lose their money. But it is extremely hard to predict correctly, precisely because no two horses achievements the same speed or shape, and a gambler cannot telling the exact moment when it will end.

All in all, none of these systems are infallible, and any system will suffer some period of bad runs. Though a few people do make money out of combining a few of the smaller bets into a more structured system, most people lose money overall, finding it much more difficult to predict the outcome than predict the outcome correctly.

That said however, a few systems have a better track record than others, and the outcome of the bets is often more predictable. The staking plans of the systems vary, but the basic principle is common. Calculating the exactaso every run and day wouldn’t be so bad if the system itself wasn’t being used to select bets.

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