Satsumos Revenge Slot Review RTP 91.60% (Playtech)

Satsumos Revenge Slot Review

Are you looking for the Satsumos Revenge slot review? The design of this Playtech game is influenced by the East, and it appears that fighting fruits and martial arts are blended together. Although it doesn’t sound like a very ground-breaking theme, we believe you will find it intriguing when you play it.

A Brief of Satsumos Revenge Slot Review

Satsumos Revenge slot review uses 5 reels and offers a total of 25 paylines to the player. If the appropriate elements are included, certain awards have the potential to be worth $60,000 in total. 

When it comes to features, Satsumo’s Revenge offers Shuriken Wilds, multipliers, scatters, wild reels, and free spins that result from a bonus feature.

Satsumos Revenge Slot Review

1. Betting Option

Since there are 25 active lines in the game, we must spend at least $0.25 every spin in order to cover them all. With the wager, you may increase it significantly and finally pay up to $20 per line and $500 overall.

The slot machine advertises payouts of up to 1,000 times for specific symbol combinations, but with the 3x multipliers available from the wild reels, you could only receive 3,000 times from a single combination. They may be worth up to $60,000.

2. Slot Features

Based on the Shuriken Wilds, Satsumos Revenge slot review gives one of its most potent characteristics. The grandmaster will hurl up to three shuriken wilds at the reels, and as a consequence, you will acquire wild reels, one of which has a multiplier of up to three times. 

A Shuriken Wild symbol, which can only occur on reel 5, is required for the grandmaster to do this.

The grandmaster will only need to toss one shuriken to trigger one wild reel. You can receive two wild reels or one with a 2x multiplier when you hurl two shurikens. If three shurikens were hurled at the reels, you may obtain three wild reels, two wild reels with a 2x multiplier, or one wild reel with a 3x multiplier.

Dragons Symbol

Regular wild symbols will also be accessible; they will appear as Dragons and act as regular stand-ins for other symbols in the game, taking over one spot. They merely function with any other symbol, however they don’t take the place of scatters.

Fighting Free Games

Fighting Free Games are also referenced in the game, and the Berry Fighter, the game’s scatter symbol, is used to start them. 

The two variations of this symbol—with red or blue headbands—must appear simultaneously on reels 1 and 5. One of the combatants will engage in battle for you against the opponent you choose. Find the best on situs togel deposit pulsa tanpa potongan.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Rock, Paper, Scissors is used in the rounds. Each combatant begins with five lives. You receive one free spin and one sticky wild every round you win. You get one extra spin for drawn rounds. You lose one life for each round you lose.

When one of the fighters has lost every life, the bonus feature is over. The free spins will now begin, and the reels will be covered in a multitude of sticky wilds.

3. Theme and Design

Given that Satsumos Revenge slot review premise combines fighting fruits with martial arts, it is obvious that the game is not intended to be taken seriously. With emblems of satsumas, limes, strawberries, cherries, blueberries, dragons, and playing cards, the design appears to be enough.

Our Conclusion 

In conclusion of Satsumos Revenge slot review, this game appears to be a solid one that Playtech is providing, with a distinctive concept and a number of entertaining features.

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