4 Best Santa VS Rudolf Slot Review: A Christmas Slot

Santa vs Rudolf slot review

Do you interesting with a slot which has Christmas themed? In this Santa vs Rudolf slot review, you will find the explanation of a wintery online slot from Netent, completely in the Christmas spirit. 

This qq slot looks more like a wildly drawn cartoon. Like all previous Netent Christmas slots, Santa vs Rudolf is a clone of an existing game, namely The Invisible Man. 

The Christmas version works exactly the same as the original, only everything is wrapped in a different theme.

Santa VS Rudolf Slot Review

1. How Santa VS Rudolf Works?

It has five reels with three symbols per reel. The minimum bet is $0.20 per spin. The story of the lock: Reindeer Rudolf has taken the Santa hat from Santa, who is therefore quite grumpy. yes.

Everything on this slot revolves around the ‘walking wilds’, namely Santa and Rudolf. If you spin one of these wilds (jokers), you get free re-spins where the wild moves one reel each time. Similar to the wilds on the Jack and the Beanstalk slot .

Running joker Santa moves to the left and running joker Rudolf moves to the right. If you’ve paid attention now, and you have, then you think: hey, the walking wilds Santa and Rudolf can meet!.

Yes! Very well!

Moreover, if they meet, then you have the most important feature of Santa vs Rudolf: 10 free spins. If Santa and Rudolf meet again during those free spins, you will win four additional spins.

2. The Free Spins

During the free spins there are two other bonuses.

  • If you spin Santa eight times or more during the free spins, you will win Santa’s Gift afterwards
  • If you spin Rudolf eight or more times during the free spins, you will win Rudolf Spins afterwards

Santa’s Gift

It consists of a pick-and-click game. You win cash prizes and if you’re lucky a few multipliers too.

Rudolf Spins 

It consists of three free spins with five wilds per spin on the reels. These jokers are unfortunately not walking wilds.

3. The 1000 Spins on Santa VS Rudolf

For the reviews, we played 1000 spins with real money, in this case with a bet of $0.20 per spin.

In total, we bet $200, but sadly we lose $102.02. That’s not ho-ho-ho, that’s ouch-ouch!

But that’s not the only reason we hate it. Our 1000 spins on Santa vs Rudolf are mostly boring and annoying. Boring, because there are very, very many prizes, but especially very, very small ones.

Santa and Rudolf only meet six times. That means free spins whether that should put us in a festive party mood…. Highest profit: $8.91. Lowest profit: $0.49. How about Santa’s Gift and Rudolf Spins? we didn’t get that one once!. 

4. The Results of The Game

Now, we will tell you about what we got from the game. 

  • After 1000 spins at $0.20, the loss on Santa vs Rudolph is $102.02
  • The five biggest wins were: $8.91, $4.42, $3.23, $2.65 and $2.66
  • 6 free spins (average profit $3.55)
  • According to Netent, the payout percentage (RTP) of Santa vs Rudolph is 96.35 percent

In conclusion, we didn’t play well on Santa vs Rudolf. This is partly due to bad luck. If you hardly get the free spins, this is a boring slot, because there is almost nothing to win in the base game.

When we tried The Invisible Man, we got twice as many free spins and lower the winnings much higher. So there is nothing wrong with the game itself.

However, the cartoon atmosphere of the Christmas version doesn’t attract us, and certainly not that funny. Yes, that is our Santa vs Rudolf slot review.

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