Minimarket theft in Bogor turns out to be an employee-fan of online gambling

Pencurian Minimarket Di Bogor Ternyata Karyawan-Penggemar Judi Online

Bogor – The theft at Prima minimarket, Jalan Raya Cilebut-Bojonggede, Bogor Regency, was thwarted by an employee. The suspect turned out to be an employee of the minimarket, with the initials IM, who is known to be a fan of online gambling.

“The suspect is also Prima’s (minimarket) employee. He’s just a marketing man. The work does not stay here, only if there are visits. Frankly, I didn’t expect it when I found out that he was the suspect, ”said Maulana (29), an employee of Prima minimarket, Wednesday (27/10/2020).


Maulana admitted that he once came to the location of the theft after receiving information from his office. Arriving at the location, he found that IM had been badly judged by the masses.

“Last night I came here, because I was contacted, right? When I arrived here, I was shocked because it turned out that he was the suspect, ”said Maulana.

“Actually, the victim also knew the suspect, even though at that time the suspect was wearing a mask and glasses,” he added.

The IM suspect, continued Maulana, is an employee who has worked for about four years in the marketing department of the Prima minimarket. IM is known as a man who is quite loyal to his job. However, he has a bad habit of being a fan of online gambling.

“He said there were family problems too, as far as I know he is also a fan of online gambling. Maybe he is in a lot of debt, accidentally, “said Maulana.

IM was arrested by residents after stealing at the Prima minimarket. The action was thwarted by Indah Lusiana, who was working as a cashier at that time. Indah, who was under threat of the suspect’s knife point, fought back and managed to escape out of the minimarket.

IM, who tried to escape, was arrested by residents and became the target of the masses. In a battered state, IM was secured by Sukaraja Police officers who came to the location.

The robbery took place Tuesday (26/10) night. At that time, Indah, who was in charge as a cashier, was working. The perpetrator pretends to be a buyer and asks for the product he is going to buy.

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