Gems Bonanza Demo Slot

Gems Bonanza Slot Demo

Let the map guide you to the hidden treasure on the 8×8 game screen of the Gems Bonanza demo slot, with colorful markings that make a path to the spinning features. Trigger the Gold Rush feature that activates all the spin features and reach the final level where you play with a great x10 multiplier!

Play Demo Slot Gems Bonanza

Welcome to the jeweler, a magical place where gold bars, sparkling precious stones, and fantastic winning combinations can give you amazing winnings: up to 10,000 times your stake. Meltdown huge amounts of gold and get ready to see the biggest profits in the market. 

This high-volatility slot game has a unique 8×8 game board and 20 paylines. Step inside an Aztec temple, where the gods forge the most coveted wins from colourful precious stones in their furnaces.

The Aztec gods have gifted their jeweller with a brand new kiln so he can create even bigger wins for players. Everything is ready; the bellows are ready to blow the winnings, and the jeweller can open its gates to eager players.

High heels and Rock ‘n Roll rule the exciting Pinup Girls slot, where an immersive progressive feature can bring you a maximum win of 3,000x!

How to Play Gems Bonanza Demo Slot

Gems Bonanza Slot Demo

Gems Bonanza is an online slot game played on an 8×8 game screen. Gems disappear from the game screen thanks to the drop feature. Wins from special marked slots can trigger one of five different spin features. The game has 20 paylines, an RTP of 96.55%, and its maximum win is a handsome 10,000 times your bet. It would definitely make your day!

As the name suggests, both low win and high win symbols are represented by different coloured gems. Symbols pay for at least 5 clusters of the same symbol touching each other horizontally or vertically.

  • Red Gem – Pays 1,000x your bet for a cluster of 25+ symbols
  • Purple Gem – Pays 500x your bet for a cluster of 25+ symbols
  • Green Gem- Pays 300x your bet for a cluster of 25+ symbols
  • Turquoise Gem – Pays 150x your bet for a cluster of 25+ symbols
  • Orange Gem – Pays 100x your bet for a cluster of 25+ symbols
  • Pink Gem – Pays 75x your bet for a cluster of 25+ symbols
  • Blue Gem – Pays 50x your bet for a cluster of 25+ symbols.

The Wild symbol looks like a golden safe where immeasurable riches can be found. This symbol can substitute for all other symbols and only appears on the reels during the Wild Gem and Lucky Wild functions. It can also form different winning combinations with different symbols.

Symbols also pay 5, 6, 7 or 8 for combinations of the same symbol. You can also get wins with 9 – 11, 12 – 14, 15 – 19 or 20 – 24 symbols that pay up to 200 times your bet. Overall, any combo that includes at least five of the same symbols will give you a small win.

How to Win Gems Bonanza Demo Slot

This slot game is full of functions that can, for example, bring giant 3×3 symbols to the reels, or turn random symbols into wild symbols. The game’s mechanics also include the well-known falling feature, where symbols disappear from the reels and are replaced by new symbols that fall into their place.

  • Drop feature

After any spin, the symbols included in the winning combination disappear, and the remaining symbols fall to the bottom of the reels. Empty places are filled with new symbols that drop into place from the top.

The fall feature continues until no more winning combinations are formed, or until the spin feature is triggered by the fall feature.

  • Spinning features

You may notice that some symbols in the base game have coloured markings behind them. If you land a win on any marked symbol slot, a specific spin feature will be triggered. There are five different colour markings and five different features:

  • Blue mark – this mark means that the Atom function is about to start. After the falling feature ends, the game board is emptied of symbols and new symbols fall in their place.
  • Pink marking – all matching symbols turn into wild symbols. This feature is known as the Wild Gem feature.
  • Brown Mark – this feature places 2×2 giant symbols on the reels in random locations. This function is called the Squares function.
  • Red mark – red mark means Colossal symbols, so random 3×3, 4×4 and 5×5 symbols are added to the reels.
  • Green Mark – this feature shows a green light for Lucky Wild symbols. This means that 5 to 15 wild symbols are added to the reels in random places.

If the luck of the Aztecs is on your side, you may be able to launch several activities at the same time. If this happens, they happen in the order mentioned above: Atom, Wild Gem, Squares, Colossal symbols and Lucky Wilds.

  • Progressive Gold Rush feature

If the blacksmith is working at full capacity, you can benefit from this function. All winning symbols are transferred to the Gold Rush metre in the lower right corner. When a certain number of symbols are reached, the game starts a progressive Gold Rush feature.

You must collect 114 points in the base game to activate this feature. The action starts when all fall features and spin features end.

This feature will start at level 1. At each level, all five spin features are guaranteed to be activated once, and the win multiplier starts at x2. To move to the next level you need to collect more points until you reach the fifth or final level:

  • Level 2 – requires 116 points, gives your winnings a x4 multiplier
  • Level 3 – requires 120 points, gives your winnings a x6 multiplier
  • Level 4 – requires 125 points, gives your winnings a x8 multiplier
  • Level 5 – requires 132 points, gives your winnings a x10 multiplier.

The activity ends if you didn’t get enough points to advance to the next level, or when you finish the fifth level.

Summary Of Gems Bonanza Demo Slot

Gems Bonanza demo slot is an action-packed slot that can bring you colossal treasure, up to 10,000 times your stake! Fill the Gold Rush metre with sparkling gems and collect as many points as possible to activate the progressive Gold Rush feature. Level up to the fifth level, where a x10 multiplier awaits you. If patience is not your strong point, buy the Gold Rush feature by paying 100 times your stake.

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