Fruit Blox Slot Review: RTP 96.23% (Red Tiger)

Fruit Blox Slot Review

Are you searching for the Fruit Blox slot review? This game appears to follow the trend of slot machines that venture outside of their comfort zones, primarily in terms of features, as we’ve observed in Red Tiger. 

Not only does the game have a unique number of reels, but it also has unique features. Despite the theme that has been chosen for it, it looks decent visually.

Summary of Fruit Blox Slot Review

Fruit Blox Slot Review

Fruit Blox’s playing area includes 6×4 reels, which is significantly larger than the norm. Although it’s not nearly as simple to win with the current system’s connected ways, you can still build 4096 combinations with a screen full of just one kind of symbol. 

The game promises wins of up to 10,000 times the stake, so it has a lot of potential. Additionally, it includes wild symbols, free spins, multipliers, and mega symbols (3×3).

1. Wagering Options

Many players will be able to max it out because the betting doesn’t fluctuate all that much, at least in comparison to some of their other games. In every round, you can choose from a menu of available values and spend anywhere from $0.20 to $10.

The greatest payout is the Fire 7, which pays out double the stake. Individual payouts don’t get all that high. Getting screens full of matching symbols isn’t as challenging, though, because of the gigantic tiles, the numerous related ways, and the other features. 

The game’s big win is described as 10,000x, which corresponds to a prize of $100,000. The stated RTP is 96.23%, so things are looking excellent in that regard.

2. Game Features

This system is known as Connected Ways. Similar to ways to win, but the symbols must touch for a combination to create. To achieve a winning combination, you must at least have connected symbols from reels 1, 2, and 3; the closer to 6 reels you are, the greater the reward.

The Wild, one of the game’s more straightforward components, will display its own logo and be used in any combination that is created. You only receive it as a replacement because there is no immediate benefit associated with it.

While the Mega symbols are not always present, when they do, they frequently leave a lasting impression. They can take up 2×2 or 3×3 spaces and help you create significant winnings. 

This version is also available for all symbols. The combination they produce together will be worth twice as much because a multiplier is added if two giant symbols happen to end up touching.

Mega Logo icons are used to start free spins. One of the normal symbols gets turned into an additional wild throughout the 20 free spins, increasing the likelihood that wins will occur.

3. Theme and Design

The topic that the game’s creator decided on is probably the least interesting aspect about it. It’s a traditional one, so what you’ll see first are symbols like stars, fire 7s, bar logos, bells, and feature logos, then fruits like grapes, berries, lemons, oranges, or cherries. 

The graphics quality is excellent, which is a benefit. It is undoubtedly among the top 5 classic-themed slot machines in terms of design. Play immediately at situs judi slot online terpercaya.

Our Conclusion

In the end of Fruit Blox slot review, we are excited to see Red Tiger venture outside of their comfort zone with titles like this game and believe it has a lot of promise. It should become a player favorite because of its top 10,000x rewards and distinctive features.

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