Deputy Tana Toraja denies being detained for playing gambling, Police

Wabup Tana Toraja Bantah Dirinya Ditahan Gara-gara Bermain Judi, Polisi

Since yesterday, it was reported that an official in Tana Toraja was detained by the police for playing gambling.

The issue of the detention of Victor Datuan Batara because of the gambling case at the home of Golkar Secretary Tana Toraja, Yunus Pakanan, circulated on Social Media (Medsos).

The Deputy Regent (Wabup) of Tana Toraja, Victor Datuan Batara, clarified the rumors circulating that he was being detained by the police.

Victor Datuan Batara also chose to straighten his news on Social Media (Medsos) on his Facebook account @Victor Datuan Batara.


In his upload, Victor denied the news that was widely circulated in the community.

“Today I was shocked by the SA upload that I was arrested last night playing gambling leng at Yunus Pakanan’s residence, while yesterday I arrived in Makassar because of an assignment,” wrote Victor.

Victor also explained that the news that was circulating came from someone he called “Papa Tayo”.

“For Papa Tayo who is very ambitious, he wants the chairman of Golkar, Tator, not to use the media by spreading fake news and slander,” continued Victor.

Police explanation

Tana Toraja Police Chief AKBP Sarly Sollu said, after the inspection was carried out there were no signs of gambling, just playing around.

Victor himself at the time of detention was just watching.

The news was first uploaded by the owner of the Facebook account @Sandabunga.

In his upload, Sandabunga wrote that Victor was detained by the police while playing gambling at the residence of Golkar Secretary Tana Toraja Yunus Pakanan on Sunday (17/1/2021) night.

“Victor Datan Batubara, Deputy Regent and Chairman of the DPD Golkar Tana Toraja were arrested last night, playing gambling at the residence of Golkar Secretary Tana Toraja. Jawil Taufan Pawe, ‚ÄĚtyped Sandabunga.

Meanwhile, the Tana Toraja Police Chief, AKBP Sarly Sollu, corrected that he had carried out the detention at Yunus Pakanan’s residence.

DIa said the detention was carried out on Saturday (16/1/2021) afternoon.

On the spot, the Police Chief found several people playing playing cards (joker).

“Yes, there is a Pak Deputy (Victor), but they don’t play cards, they just chat on the sofa, while it seems like their groups are playing cards,” explained the Police Chief.

Nevertheless, both Victor and several people in Yunus Pakanan’s house were taken to the Police Headquarters to carry out research.

The results showed no signs of gambling

“I have followed the research, the result is that there are no signs of gambling, when playing cards, whoever loses is the one who stands up,” said the Police Chief.

While carrying out the detention, the police chief also found Rp. 700,000 thousand

Based on the research results that the money is not used for gambling, but to buy beer.

JRM reaction

As is known, Victor Datuan Batara’s match for the seat of Golkar chairman Tana Toraja was the Legislator of South Sulawesi, John Rende Mangontan (JRM).

Both of them both stated that they were ready to participate in the regional meeting of the Golkar Tana Toraja DPD II Party in the future.

In the 2020 Tana Toraja Regional Election, Victor and JRM side by side.

Victor stepped forward as deputy regent accompanying Nico Biringkanae. This pair is supported by the Golkar Party, Nasdem and Perindo.

Meanwhile, JRM, which is a Golkar cadre, chose to join the ranks of Theo-Zadrak supported by Gerindra, Democrat and PKPI.

When asked for an explanation regarding Papa Tayo’s remarks on Victor’s status, JRM did not comment.

“Let it go, I don’t,” said JRM when confirmed via WhatsAap Monday (18/1/2021) night.

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