5 Mariachis Slot Review: RTP 96.67% (Habanero)

5 Mariachis Slot Review

Yes, we know that you are looking for the 5 Mariachis slot review. This game is Habenero’s take on the classic Mexican-themed slot machine, which has already been covered by the majority of the major developers. 

While Habanero isn’t one of the larger developers, this may be to their advantage because they’re forced to offer something unique in order to attract players’ attention. They accomplished this with this mariachi-themed game with stunning graphics.

Best of 5 Mariachis Slot Review

You can place bets on up to 25 active lines, with 5 reels spinning. You could potentially win up to $500,000, though the payout appears to be only 2,500x. Wild symbols, scatters, free spins, and a Pinata Pick bonus game are all included in this game.

1. Wagering Options

Because the lines are fixed at 25, placing a wager should be simple. All you have to do is change the number of coins and their denomination. 

The former ranges from 1 to 10, while the latter allows you to choose from $0.01 to $20 in denominations. That should give you plenty of options for changing your wager in this slot, which ranges from $0.25 to $5,000.

Because the values of your bets can go quite high, the game will award a jackpot that looks great on paper. It’s a 2,500-to-1 jackpot with a top prize of $500,000. Even though there are no features that can be used to directly trigger the game’s random progressive jackpot, it must not be overlooked. 

We were pleased to see such a high RTP in this slot gacor game, with a figure of 96.67% announced.

2. Slot Features

Instead of using a single wild symbol, the game will employ five different ones, one for each reel, and they will all work together to form winning combinations. 

These are the symbols that can pool their resources to award you a 2,500x multiplier. They’re mostly used as replacements, but they’re useless when it comes to scatters. These wilds are used in a different way during the free spins round.

The first of 2 scatter symbols in 5 Mariachis is a symbol depicting a blue skull with paint on it, giving it the appearance of a dead, grinning mariachi. The scatter symbol pays out when it appears on 3 or more positions during a single round, up to 50 times the total bet.

Skull Mariachi

If the Skull Mariachi appears three times or more, 15 free spins are awarded. During these spins, there is a mystery symbol that looks like the Spanish Lady. All instances of that symbol are changed to a single other symbol, chosen at random from the regular symbols.

Pinata Pick

The game also follows a second scatter symbol, which depicts a piata. You have 3 reels (2, 3 and 4) available to host it, and all three must contribute to the Pinata Pick feature to be triggered. You pick one of the pinatas and are rewarded with a prize ranging from 2x to 100x your total bet.

3. Theme and Design

The theme isn’t particularly unique in the industry, and its execution isn’t particularly notable either, at least in terms of symbol selection. 

The quality of the design, on the other hand, is a different matter, and we really liked Habanero’s work here. It spreads to the image of a Mexican village in the background. Five mariachis appear on each of the five reels, along with skulls, chili peppers, pinatas, and poker cards.

Final Words

In the end of this 5 Mariachis slot review, the game has excellent graphics, a solid feature set, potentially huge payouts, and a progressive jackpot, so it has a lot going for it.

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